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Taurus 2013 Horoscope

Taurus 2013 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Taurus Zodiac Sign 2013

To Taurus, the year 2013 will not be that very eventful, maybe even at times rather boring. That's because the sign lacks planets in the New Year horoscope and no planets are heading its way any time soon. So, it's sort of a year of waiting.

     Around Taurus, though, many things happen. It's just that Taurus is not particularly involved in them, nor influenced by them. Not in 2013, and it seems to be the case for a few following years, too.

     Of course, there are individual differences, since each personal horoscope has its own ingredients that relate to the planetary movements in the sky, causing events that can be as dramatic and important as ever. But generally speaking, for those born with the sun in Taurus this period is not the most exciting one in their lives.

Aspects to Taurus

In the 2013 New Year horoscope, Saturn and the Moon Node in Scorpio have an opposition aspect to Taurus. That means what they signify is something Taurus opposes as much as possible.

     In the case of Saturn and the Moon Node in Scorpio, they show an increasing disorder in society - especially regarding world economy, but also other forms of structures and systems on which society traditionally relies. That's bad news to most people, and particularly so to Taurus, who is a firm believer in keeping the established order and doing things as they've been done before.

     The Scorpio 2013 events seem to shake the foundation of society, threatening to make things increasingly chaotic. It's not sure that the outcome will be so terrible, but the threat feels real and is hard to ignore. Taurus feels it and worries a lot about it, but there's not much that can be done but wait and see.

     What Taurus does as a sort of defense is to hold on to routines and resist any personal changes. So, the lack of events in Taurus' life is to a large extend because of Taurus resisting them. It's a conscious choice, in order to avoid chaos.

     It's a functioning defense, making much of what happens in society hardly rattle Taurus in the least, but it's also quite boring.

     In the 2013 New Year horoscope, Taurus is also in a trine aspect to Mercury as well as to the conjunction of Pluto and the sun in Capricorn. Those things show that society is restructuring, especially when it comes to homes and families. A new order is on its way.

     That's something Taurus can relate to. Not because of the change coming, since Taurus is usually resistant towards change, but because the home and the family thereby take center stage. That's very much to Taurus' liking.

     Taurus is all for new structures and systems, as long as they are real improvements of the previous state. Indeed, the changes coming in 2013 and onwards seem to be significant improvements, especially for the families and their homes.

The Mars Aspect to Taurus

But Mars in Aquarius has a square aspect to Taurus in the 2013 New Year horoscope. That means new thinking, throwing out old ideas and knowledges to have them replaced by concepts for the future. Taurus doubts that it's that easy to improve wisdom, and would prefer that the process is slower.

     When it comes to what we know, we had better stick to tried facts before jumping to new ones of which we have no idea how long they will last. To Taurus, the advancement of human thought and knowledge is a staircase that should be taken one step at a time. No jumping.

     Also the moon in Leo has a square aspect to Taurus in the 2013 New Year horoscope. The moon moves very quickly, so it only stays in Leo during New Year's Day. But that's an important date, so its effect will remain through 2013, albeit fading.

     The moon brings a longing for self-realization in all of us. We feel it more than usual, the wish to please ourselves and go our own ways, whatever others might say.

     To Taurus, that's simply egoism, and it contributes little to society. So, Taurus is reluctant to go along, although feeling the longing as much as everybody else. But Taurus has the self-discipline to resist - at least when it's a passing mood.

     An interesting Taurus aspect is the sextile to Uranus in Aries. That says about the same as Mars in Aquarius, but with a different ring to it. Uranus is the planet of insight and higher learning. In Aries it wants to renew itself, but contrary to Mars, it does so in an elaborate thought process - thinking before acting.

     That's how Taurus wants it done in order to trust what new perspectives and ideas might pop up in the process.

     Summing it up, 2013 is kind of a boring year for Taurus, and much of what does happen is not to Taurus' liking. There's not much to do, but bare with it and wait for better days ahead - although they might be a couple of years off.

Taurus, illustration from a 1482 edition of a book by Hyginus.

What Can Be Predicted

The Taurus 2013 predictions are made by Classical Zodiac sign astrology forecast methods, analyzing the Taurus 2013 star sign horoscope and the planetary movements during the year. Therefore, some things can be predicted about the year to come, and other things not.

     Also, astrology rarely shows exactly what will happen in full detail, but what astrological forces are at play. So, the more you already know about how those forces affect you and what roles they play in your personal Taurus horoscope, the more can be told from the Taurus 2013 astrological forecast.

     Still, you can learn a lot about what to expect in 2013 from the Taurus Zodiac sign horoscope forecast here. But please understand that the predictions deal with tendencies. Astrology is far from an exact science.

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How the Astrological Forecast Is Made

The 2013 astrological predictions for Taurus are made with the chart of the New Year horoscope, also considering the movement of the planets during the year. Read more about how it's done here:
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