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Taurus 2015 Horoscope

Taurus 2015 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Taurus Zodiac Sign 2015


In the 2015 New Year horoscope chart, the moon is in Taurus, bringing strong sentiments and possibly also some income at the beginning of the year. Other than that, not much is happening for Taurus in 2015.

       The moon is quick to pass through a Zodiac sign. It's a matter of a couple of days. Since it is already more than halfway through Taurus at New Year 2015, it has moved on to the next Zodiac sign by January 2nd. Still, because it is in Taurus at the moment on which the annual horoscope is charted, it has some minor influence all through the year.

Moonshine in Taurus 2015

The moon awakens emotions. In Taurus it would be more accurate to call them instincts and basic needs. Its silvery appearance also gives it the role in traditional astrology of bringing money. In past centuries, silver was almost equivalent to money - like in the French language, where d'argent means both money and silver. Gold was far too rare for common man to get hold of.

       So, there is some good news for Taurus in 2015. That's a welcome change from the two previous years, when Taurus was completely void of planets in the New Year horoscope chart. The future looks just as bland: Not until the year 2020 will there be a planet in Taurus in the New Year horoscope.

       In 2012, Jupiter passed through Taurus, which meant all kinds of success - not just money, but that too. The moon and Jupiter have some similarities in what they bring to the horoscope, so at least at the start of 2015, there will be kind of a rerun of the fortunate tidings of 2012, albeit to a lesser degree - but it may still feel better.

The moon in Taurus.
The moon is in Taurus in the 2015 New Year horoscope.

       Of course, all those years without a planet in Taurus of the New Year horoscope don't mean a complete lack of events for everyone born in that sign.

       Planets pass through, creating events similar for all Taurus. And even more important: In the individual natal chart of each Taurus there are several planets forming aspects (special angles) to the planets continuing their orbits in the sky, and all of that has astrological significance in life.

       But generally speaking, these several years are not the most remarkable for Taurus. A change will come in 2020, when Uranus has entered the sign to remain there for a good seven years.

Less Talk, More Action in 2015

In the 2015 New Year horoscope, the moon in Taurus has three aspects to other planets in the chart: Mars, Jupiter and Mercury. They increase the activity and importance of the moon, although the effect is brief.

       To both Mars and Jupiter, the moon has square aspects (90), indicating trouble but also opportunity. Mars and Jupiter, on the other hand, are in opposition (180), which means that they are unable to cooperate. Actually, they work in incompatible ways as long as that aspect remains.

       The moon's square aspect to Mars shows that Taurus is frequently disturbed by discussions about how things are and how they should be, as if words could really solve anything. Taurus finds it all quite pointless and doubts the complications introduced to matters that Taurus finds easy to solve.

       And Taurus does apply easy solutions to things that others keep on discussing without reaching conclusions. Taurus can see what's needed and just makes it happen, in the appropriate minor scale.

Enough Is Enough

The moon's square aspect to Jupiter in the 2015 New Year horoscope shows today's focus in the world on personal gain only. Although Taurus is quite able of self-management, this focus is a bit too much.

       To Taurus, neither security nor wealth is certain if not shared - at least among those who are close, such as family, friends and neighbors. Taurus finds too much of selfishness unnatural and unproductive.

       The square aspect makes Taurus spontaneously renounce such opportunities when they appear. And they do. So, Taurus avoids profiteering as much as possible, to avoid feeling uncomfortable and cheap. Enough is enough.

Taurus Benefits as a Bystander

As for 2015 in general, things certainly happen around Taurus, but they mostly involve other people. Taurus is a witness and sometimes indirectly affected, but rarely in the center of events.

       What is particularly eventful in 2015 is the life and circumstances of Capricorn, because the sign has four celestial bodies in the New Year horoscope chart: Pluto and the sun, Mercury and Venus. They are conjunct in pairs, which increases both their power and their complexity.

       What the four accomplish in Capricorn is concrete and lasting - building and rebuilding, ambitious projects leading to impressive results. In particular, this takes place in the home environment. Homes turn into brand new castles, families are fortified and aim for grand things. That's because Capricorn is in the 4th House of the World Horoscope.

The 2015 World Horoscope
The complete 2015 world horoscope chart, based on Greenwich at New Year 2015. Click on it for a bigger image. Click this link to read more about:

The 2015 World Horoscope

       Taurus is mostly a bystander in all this, although benefiting from it and positive to it. That's odd for Taurus, who is normally happy to do a good work and able to complete it according to plan. It could even be frustrating, but the trine aspect (120) between Taurus and Capricorn indicates that Taurus is fine with it, and has no problem adapting.

       It also means that Taurus will have success in big projects, especially if Taurus is involved but without a leading role in them.

Tantalizing Fantasies

The Taurus Zodiac sign also has a sextile aspect (60) to Neptune in Pisces in the 2015 horoscope. It started in late 2012 and continues several more years to come. Its influence on Taurus is vague, so it applies mainly to those Taurus born with the sun in a clear sextile to the planet. So far, also in 2015, that's those born in April.

       Neptune is the planet of dreams, fantasy and inspiration. It's an important force in the arts and in what our imagination comes up with. In Pisces, it's all about the meaning of life, questions about the beyond and what to believe in.

       Taurus normally has both feet on the ground. So, fantasies about anything impalpable and surreal are not common in the Taurus mind. But still, Taurus finds these things intriguing, the way they are expressed - often just hinted - in the surroundings and among some other people.

       It's tantalizing. Some things emerging from the imagination of others are just as intriguing as they are far-fetched. Taurus is not quick to be a believer, but these perspectives do bring a flare to existence, sort of like fireworks for the mind.

       Again, this is particularly true for Taurus born in April, and not so much for those born in May - yet. They will feel it more in a couple of years.

2015 A Year with Potential for Taurus

Although 2015 is not the most eventful of years for Taurus, it opens up for several opportunities - some which Taurus is happy to snap, others that Taurus refuses out of principle. The start of the year, in particular, will be promising and satisfactory. And that start may very well lead to quite a fortunate year, depending on what opportunities are grabbed.

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