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Taurus 2014 Horoscope

Taurus 2014 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Taurus Zodiac Sign 2014


For Taurus, 2014 will not be that very eventful. That's because there are no planets in this Zodiac sign at the start of the year, nor are any of the important outer planets moving into it during 2014. It was the same in 2013, and will be until 2018, when Uranus enters Taurus.

       Of course, things will still happen to Taurus 2014, but generally speaking not that much of big and lasting importance. Mainly, most Taurus will get the impression that in 2014 main events happen to others, elsewhere. They involve Taurus, too, now and then, but mostly indirectly.

       The moon will pass through Taurus once every month, and the sun will do so in the late spring together with its companions Mercury and Venus. But those transits are constantly recurring, so they have little astrological significance. No other planet will enter Taurus in 2014.

Taurus Threatened by Disorder 2014

But there are things happening in Zodiac signs that have significant aspect relations to Taurus. At its opposite in the Zodiac is Scorpio, where Saturn resides not only in 2014. Saturn passes slowly through the Zodiac, so it remains in Scorpio from 2012 to the end of 2014.

       The opposition aspect means that the planet has an influence very strange to Taurus, really incompatible with the Taurus nature. In this case, with Saturn in Scorpio, it shows that there is turmoil in the basic order of things rules, tradition and duty seem to deteriorate. In the 2014 world horoscope, this is particularly the case with the world economy, being out of balance and treated almost desperately by hard regulations that don't really fix anything.

       Taurus is the very Zodiac sign of sticking to the established order and making sure that the economy is sound. It's the sign of security and being careful not to rock the boat. So, every Taurus will feel particularly alienated by the trend towards disorder in society, as well as towards the nervous overreactions among people in charge. Taurus knows that quick action risks making things worse.

       Although Taurus sees reasons to worry about the development, it's not that threatening to Taurus' own life. Every Taurus knows to treat economical matters with care and to protect material assets. So, Taurus is mostly untouched by the turmoil of the economy and has the least reason personally to worry about the situation. It's much more risky to those who meet it unprepared.

Alienating for Taurus 2014

Saturn is not alone in Scorpio 2014. The Moon Node, also called the Dragon's Head, is in the same sign. That means its counterpart, the Dragon's Tail, is in Taurus, at the exact opposite of the Zodiac circle. These two astrological points describe a general direction or tendency, from one to the other. It can go both ways, but with Saturn in Scorpio and no planet in Taurus, it's mainly going to be from the latter towards the former.

       That means society will show a general tendency in 2014 from the Taurus traits to the Scorpio traits: from established and secure order to uncertainty and disorder, if not to say chaos. From the well-known and trusted to the unknown. It's unsettling for society as a whole, albeit with some invigorating excitement. But it's definitely not Taurus' cup of tea.

       Because of the Moon Node, Taurus gets the impression in 2014 that the world seems to move in an unfavored direction. That's alienating to Taurus, who sulks and resists, remaining with what's substantial and familiar. Sometimes, that takes quite a struggle. But the Moon Node will leave Scorpio already in Mars 2014. Then it gets easier.

Renaissance of Domestic Life

The most significant and important ingredient in the 2014 world horoscope is the trio of the sun, Pluto and Mercury in conjunction in Capricorn and the Fourth House. That implies great change in the way people arrange their homes and families worldwide. New domestic structures are on the way, and they fit Taurus like a glove.

       Capricorn is at the benevolent trine aspect to Taurus, since they share the element earth. So, what happens in Capricorn is something that Taurus benefits from. To just about every Taurus, the home is the castle and the family is what's always held the dearest. When this sector of life is given renewed and increased importance, Taurus feels right at home with it.

       The tendency in society is for the homes of its citizens to become more important and stable than before, albeit in a structure different from what it was in the past. It's not even sure that the home remains the physical residence or that the family remains the one of blood relations. Still, domestic life will grow in importance and solidity, so Taurus is all for it.

The Taurus Home Prospers 2014

Another sign of how Taurus benefits from the development of domestic life is the sextile relation to Cancer, where Jupiter resides until mid-July 2014. That means things relating to home and family have a fortunate development to the better. Domestic life expands in reach and importance, almost effortlessly.

       That's particularly true for Taurus, connecting to Jupiter with a sextile and to the previously mentioned trio of the sun, Pluto and Mercury with a trine both of these aspects benevolent.

The 2014 World Horoscope

The complete 2014 world horoscope chart, based on Greenwich at Midnight, the first of January, 2014. Click on it for a bigger image. Click here to read more about the 2014 world horoscope predictions:

The 2014 World Horoscope

       For others than Taurus, it may not be as easy, since Jupiter and the trio actually have an opposition aspect in the 2014 New Year horoscope chart. It means that for most people, restructuring their homes will take quite a lot of hard work, where the expansive events caused by Jupiter mostly create obstacles.

       In the world horoscope of 2014, Jupiter is in the Tenth House, as is Medium Coeli, and the trio mentioned above is in the Fourth House. That means the governments of the world tend to oppose the changes coming in domestic life and do all kinds of things to stimulate another outcome but in vain.

       That's especially true for Taurus, who remains just about completely unaffected of government policy regarding home and family. Whatever the leaders of the world try to do, it is to no avail in how Taurus settles domestically. That's usually the case with Taurus, who knows how to manage the castle, but particularly evident this year.

Inspiring Speculations

Neptune, the planet of dreams and fantasy, entered Pisces in 2012 and will remain there until 2026. That means our imagination will favor themes that go along the line of religion, myth, and the search for meaning. The arts are sure to express it increasingly.

       Taurus has a sextile relation to Pisces, which is one of creativity and inspiration, so every Taurus will be delighted by this trend. Taurus enjoys standing firmly on the ground while dreaming of the mysteries, especially what it might be that brings a higher meaning to life. In the eyes of Taurus, that's surely something as grounded as Taurus' own stand. Taurus is convinced that happiness can only be found in harmony with nature and by adapting to the way the world actually is.

       That may seem trivial in the eyes of others, but Taurus experiences that more people get a glimpse of why it's not. Finding one's place, adapting to material circumstances and doing the best with them what can be more fulfilling? At least, Taurus is certain that this is a necessary start. No castle should be built on sand.

Most Things Go Taurus' Way 2014

So, although Taurus can't look forward to a particularly eventful 2014, things that happen mostly seem to go in a direction Taurus can both enjoy and approve of. And the things that take another course, Taurus is mostly able to resist.

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